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experimental testing pilot-scale: Topics by Science.gov

2018-7-15 · Reclamation of grey water for non-potable purposes using pilot-scale solar photocatalytic tubular reactors. PubMed. Saran, Sarangapany; Arunkumar, Patchaiyappan; Manjari, Gangarapu; Devipriya, Suja P. 2018-05-05. Application of pilot-scale slurry-type tubular photocatalytic reactor was tested for the decentralized treatment of actual grey water .

laboratory pilot scale: Topics by Science.gov

2018-5-1 · Pilot-scale laboratory waste treatment by supercritical water oxidation.. PubMed. Oshima, Yoshito; Hayashi, Rumiko; Yamamoto, Kazuo. 2006-01-01. Supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) is a reaction in which organics in an aqueous solution can be oxidized by .

Full text of "Science Reporter Vol.21-22,no.9-2(sep-june)1984"

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