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Isophorone reactor: Modelling and performance .

2012-10-1 · Isophorone production in a distillation column reactor has also been described by Schmitt et al., which consists of distilling acetone under pressure in counter current contact with alkali solution in a reaction zone between points of introduction of alkali and acetone to form acetone condensation reaction products.Acetone distilled is recovered from the head of zone in the liquid form.

Riser reactor of catalytic cracking

2. The reactor according to claim 1, in which there is a lot of contact devices located on an axis along the inner surface of the riser-reactor at a distance from each other. 3. The reactor according to claim 1 or 2, in which the contact device is chosen in the form of a circular arc segment and the annular channel. 4.

baffle patents reactor process

WO2016009177A1 - Oscillatory baffled reactor and gas . The present invention provides a multi-orifice oscillatory baffled reactor which comprises a reactor tube, a baffle within the reactor tube, the baffle defining a plurality of orifices, a gas source having an outlet within the reactor tube; and oscillatory means which, during use, provide oscillatory flow of a fluid relative to the baffle.

Process For The Preparation Of An Alkylene . - Patent Lens

Advantageously, the microchannel apparatus is positioned inside the shell of the distillation column at a point above the uppermost distillation tray or packing material. [0074] By incorporating microchannel apparatus inside the distillation column it is possible to provide integral reflux within the column which significantly improves process .

Full text of "USPTO Patents Application 10595174"

2008-12-5 · Full text of "USPTO Patents Application 10595174" See other formats .

Year 3 Chemical Engineering H83DPX Final .

mn reactor dc-101 distillation column r-107 dmc reactor dc-102 distillation column sh-101 hammer mill f-101 flash drum sh-102 hammer mill f-102 flash drum st-101 dmc storage lh-101 lock hopper st-102 dmo storage equipment code name equipment code name b-101 reboiler e-118 cooler b-102 reboiler e-119 cooler bl-101 pneumatic blower e-120 cooler .

Distillation. Medical search

2020-5-15 · Distillation: A chemical process for separating the components of a liquid mixture by boiling and collecting condensed vapors. Steam: Water in its gaseous state.(From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed) Oils, Volatile: Oils which evaporate readily.The volatile oils occur in aromatic plants, to which they give odor and other characteristics.

Internals for distillation columns . - Free Patents Online

1996-3-5 · Turning now to FIG. 8, a column reactor is shown with a distillation tray 312 having vapor passages 334 and an overflow weir 335 which extends along one side of a large opening 336 for the passage of liquid.

EP0571163B1 - Catalytic distillation column reactor and .

EP0571163B1 EP19930303802 EP93303802A EP0571163B1 EP 0571163 B1 EP0571163 B1 EP 0571163B1 EP 19930303802 EP19930303802 EP 19930303802 EP 93303802 A EP93303802 A EP 93303802A EP 0571163 B1 EP0571163 B1 EP 0571163B1 Authority EP European Patent Office Prior art keywords catalyst liquid draft chimney tray distillation Prior art date 1992-05-18 Legal status (The .

Process intensification in: Reviews in Chemical .

1 Introduction. To the best of the author's knowledge, the term "process intensification" (PI) was used for the first time in a polish journal (Leszczynski 1973).PI saw a boost at imperial chemical industries (ICI) in the eighties by Prof. Ramshaw's group (Ramshaw 1983, Law et al. 2017).Their work has been continued at the University of Newcastle (homepage: ).

Ayaz Hasanji - Design and Estimation Engineer - DHRUV EPC .

We design and manufacture heavy thickness Distillation Column, Reboiler, Deodrizer, Agitator, Mixer, any type of heat exchanger, any type of oil refinery equipments. My role is designing according to ASME Sec VIII Div.1 My role is monitoring each and every stage of production.Check everything as per drg.

EPO - T 0186/83 () of 20.8.1985 - European Patent Office

2020-7-8 · In particular, it provides for water extractive distillation in full accordance with feature C above (see Fig. 1 in conjunction with column 3, line 74, to column 4, line 35; Fig. 2 in conjunction with column 4, lines 23 et seq.), and for removal and recovery of acetonitrile in two alternative ways corresponding to features D1 and D5 above .

Michael Schultz - Technology Director, Global Process .

Developed novel dividing wall column distillation capability, reducing capital expenditures 1.2M and energy costs 50%. . technology. This has been a combined effort, drawing on resources from .

distillation vacuum unit rotary evaporator alcohol china .

rotary process and distillation application rotary . Alcohol Distillation Unit Vacuum Rotary Evaporator Price . Application for Alcohol distillation unit vacuum rotary evaporator price 1 RE original vertical rotary evaporator employ big capacity and big flange mouth 3 reflex condenser can work under the condition of heating in constant temperature and minus pressure from films and evaporate in .

Modeling, simulation and analysis of a process for the .

2016-3-1 · As column K1 is a reactive distillation column, but with the focus on acetaldehyde separation and not on acetaldol conversion, a slightly higher F-factor than for K2 was chosen. 5.2. Conceptual design of column K1 and reactor R1. The reactor R1 and the column .

Patents 5046235 - 5046487

Patent 5046256: Method of connection drawing in automatic drafter . Pressurizing means feeds reactive air to reactor) Patent 5046309: Energy regenerative circuit in a hydraulic apparatus . OF SOLIDIFIED OR LIQUIFIED GAS (E.G., CRYOGEN) : With sorbing or mixing : Mixing of substance with hydrogen : Distillation) Patent 5046320: Liquid .

Dividing‐Wall Column | Request PDF

Dividing-wall column (DWC) is one of the best examples of applied process intensification in distillation, as it allows significant capital and energy savings of typically 25–35%, as well as an .

column distillation tray patents reactor drawing

Contact structure for use in catalytic distillation . Abstract. A method and apparatus for conducting catalytic chemical reactions and fractionation of the reaction mixture, comprising and feeding reactants into a distillation column reactor contracting said reactant in a liquid phase with a fixed bed catalyst in the form of a contact catalyst structure, consisting of closed porous containers .

10.1016/j.cej.2012.06.137 | DeepDyve

The results obtained of the reactive distillation column reactor. The reactive distillation with the UNIFAC VLE parameters were used for drawing conclu- modelling framework in this study was modified to study the influ- sions regarding the reactive distillation column performance. ence of configuration and operational aspects including (1 .

EP0402019A2 - Distillation column reactor - Google Patents

A method and apparatus is provided for removing catalyst (109) from a distillation column reactor (100) and replacing the catalyst with fresh or regenerated catalyst. More specifically a small particulate catalyst is supported by wire mesh or screen or filter medium on trays (101,103) in a conventional distillation column and substantially submerged by the liquid on the trays.

Purification or recovery patent application class

Class / Patent application number Description Number of patent applications / Date published; 568868000: Purification or recovery : 40: 20100145108: Method for Purifying Product Mixtures From Transesterification Reactions - The invention relates to an industrial process for purifying the product mixture of a transesterification reaction with a polar, electrolyte-containing organic phase, in .

Oil refining method - Patent search, search patents and .

The invention relates to a method of processing oil and can be used in the oil industry. A method of refining oil, comprising heating and input materials in the distillation column feed vapor from the top of the column after partial condensation in the tank irrigation with getting gas and light gasoline fraction and the release side straps through the Stripping section of the gasoline and .

Index of patents issued from the United States Patent .

INDEX OF PATENTS *V (J ISSUED FROM HAH THE UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 1957 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE WASHINGTON For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U. S.: 1958 Government Printing 06Bce, Washington 25, D. C.-Price 5.50 (Buckram) CONTENTS Page List of Patentees (includes Reissues) 3 List of Design Patentees 839 List of .

US 2012/0010437 A1 - Patent Lens

Second column 218 may be a tray column or packed column. In one embodiment, second column 218 is a tray column having from 5 to 70 trays, e.g., from 15 to 50 trays, or from 20 to 45 trays. As one example, when a 30 tray column is used in a column without water extraction, line 117 is introduced at tray 2.

Overview of reactors for liquid phase .

2010-9-27 · Another reactor type was constructed along the lines of a modern multi-tray bubble cap distillation tower. . 3 July 1996. [122] C. Maretto, P. Vincenzo, Fischer–Tropsch process with a multistage bubble column reactor, US Patent 5 827 902 (27 October 1998 .

Indian Patents. 208058:A PROCESS FOR THE RECOVERY OF .

After distillation of byproduct acetaldehyde, the reaction product mixture is subjected to distillation i„rst in a low pressure distillation column and then in i high pressure distillation column„ A binary ethyl acetate/ethanol azeotrope (53.8/46.2 mol ratio is recovered from the top of the low pressure disIllation column .

Dual functional catalyst of packing type . - Patent Genius

The present invention relates to a dual functional catalyst having both the catalytic reaction function and fractionation function and a catalytic distillation equipment for packing the catalyst therein. Said catalyst has a special shape and can be packed at random into the reaction section of said equipment. So, there exist adequate free spaces inside pellet and between pellets, enabling the .

Dual functional catalyst of packing type . - Patent Genius

The present invention relates to a dual functional catalyst having both the catalytic reaction function and fractionation function and a catalytic distillation equipment for packing the catalyst therein. Said catalyst has a special shape and can be packed at random into the reaction section of said equipment. So, there exist adequate free spaces inside pellet and between pellets, enabling the .

US Patent # 7,285,685. Method for dehydrogenation of .

Method for dehydrogenation of carbonyl compounds Abstract. Process for preparing alpha, beta-unsaturated acyclic or cyclic carbonyl compounds by dehydrogenation of the corresponding saturated carbonyl compounds in the gas phase over a heterogeneous dehydrogenation catalyst comprising platinum and/or palladium and tin on an oxidic support.

Class Schedule for Class 422 CHEMICAL APPARATUS AND .

E-subclasses in USPC Class 422/908-948 were created as duplicates of EPO groupsin B01L 3/00 and its indents. With the implementation of CPC, these E-subclasses should no longer be used.