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reactors flow reactor plug pfr presentation

Plug-flow reactors usually operate in adiabatic or nonisothermal conditions (Minsker and et.al,1999). Consequently, from the standpoint of the kinetic parameters of a chemical reaction under isothermal conditions, plug-flow reactors are more efficient than stirred tank reactors.

GE Wave Bioreactor 20/50 EH - The Lab World Group

2020-8-14 · The GE WAVE Bioreactor 20/50EH is a flexible system built for use in Research and Development and the pharmaceutical production arena. Its modular system consists of a base unit and various integral options suitable for the culture of multiple cell lines. The benchtop design makes for easy access and convenient control.

Bioreactor and Fermentor - The Lab World Group

2020-8-16 · The GE Wave Bioreactors and Sartorius Biostat Wave Bioreactors design leverages single-use, closed system cell growth bags, and are modular, easy to clean and have digital control for a smaller scale, flexible option. While the stirred tank Chemglass systems allow users to scale up their culture volume production levels.